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Guardianship and Conservatorship

A guardian is a court appointed and supervised individual who is responsible for making decisions regarding the person.  This may include living situations, medical care, and socialization decisions.  Guardians are mandated to enact the choices the person themselves would have made if they were able to decide and to allow the client to participate in the process as best they can.


A conservator is a court appointed and supervised individual who is responsible for the property, assets, and income of the client.  As a conservator, the individual who is appointed  works to preserve assets so they may be available for necessary care in the future. Our expertise in Medicare, Medicaid, and long term care insurance, combined with our knowledge of the best local services in our communities ensures that we are uniquely qualified to serve each and every individual situation.

In many cases we have been asked to become the guardian to help families who are overwhelmed with the complex, day to day management of their loved one's affairs.   At Heartland Fiduciary, our individually appointed guardian case managers look to the family for details and guidance when making the decisions for each unique person we care for.  We will always consult family and friends as long as it's appropriate to do so.

Estate Administration 

Heartland Fiduciary staff are available to serve as the Administrator or Successor Executor on estates of any size or complexity by individual appointment.  We will work with the current or attorney, or we have own network of experienced legal advisers available across the state. 

Succession Planning and Consulting

No one can replace family and friends when it comes to helping make decisions.  However, there may come a time when parents, siblings, cousins or friends can no longer help the way they once did.  It's always better to plan ahead to make sure protection and advocacy continue. Erin Droll and Sonya Lacina are able to serve as successor guardian and conservator. We are happy to visit and maintain relationships so that we are trusted in the future, even if we're not needed today.

We are also here to help other guardians and conservators succeed.  Heartland Fiduciary is willing to work with others on a consultant basis so that family and friends feel empowered and better able to serve their loved ones.  We believe in value of the service we offer, but nothing replaces family and friends. 

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